Zig Zag Rattan Placemat - Royal

SKU: 156395

The beauty of our design is the look of fine straw but the practicality of an indoor/outdoor placemat. The braid is sewn on a circular sewing machine by hand. Deborah is constantly striving for new textures and ideas to keep the table exciting. The placemat shapes and colors are designed to complement many decors and liven your favorite dinnerware from fine porcelain to casual dinnerware.



Hand made


Wipe clean after every use with mild dish soap and water. If needed, braided placemats can be completely immersed in water and soaked as needed. There are some stains such as oil that may require additional care. We recommend a citrus-based spray and then wash with water. Braided placemats can be scrubbed with a dish brush.