Veggie Paints - Farmer Kerri's Vegetable Set

SKU: 157688

TWEE made veggies F-U-N with our new line of eco-friendly, non-toxic, vegetable based paints!A perfect way to create the day away indoors!


  • Box measures approximately 10" x 7" x 3"  inches and contains a total of 10oz of Veggie Paint.
  • Each set includes: One TWEE custom designed paintbrush
  • Three tins of powder-based TWEE Veggie Paints that come alive with water
  • Veggie paint is made up of vegetable pigments: Green (cabbage), Blue, (seaplant), Purple (beet)


Mix 1 tsp of Veggie Paints with 2 tsp of water. Let rest for one minute. Add additional water to meet desired consistency.

  • Thicker = Finger Paints
  • Thinner = Water Colors

Mix only what you need for a single use.  Unused mixed paint can be safely stored covered in the refrigerator.  Store Veggie Paint powder in a dry place.