Tryst Dusting Silk Refill

SKU: 155494

Tryst Dusting Silk Powder offered in our petite Organza sachets to refill glass shakers or vanity powder jars.  These sachets are also popularly placed in drawers to beautifully scent your linens!   

  • Tryst dusting silk is talc-free, soothing, retains moisture, and calms skin
  • NOTES: white tea, white lily, chamomile, green florals, jasmine, fleur d'orangery
  • Satiny smooth finishing powder, ultra-fine, enhanced with a little silver glitter
  • To refill your glass shaker, powder jar, or body brush, snip corner of the plastic bag and gently pour to refill.  Eco-Friendly, biodegradable, no animal testing
  • Ingredients include cornstarch as our powders are talc-free
  • 3 ounces | pearly white hue sachet bag