Timber Candle - Crystal Blue

SKU: 156892

Timber® Candles are so well-loved that they've been just about everywhere - from backyard BBQs to sophisticated weddings. They adapt to their surroundings, enhance the venue and create a memorable experience for all.

The crystal blue color is a light and feminine pink color that goes well in any room. These candles by Vance Kitira are part of the "Timber" collection, and have a wonderfully textured look, with the sides featuring a cloudy and mottled effect that is the trademark of this collection by Vance Kitira. The unscented wax is very long lasting, and each candle comes with a Vance Kitira tag and raffia wrapped around the candle. 

  • 2" Dimensions: 2"L x2"W x4" Burn Time 35 hours
  • 3" Dimensions: 3.25"L x3.25"W x3.25" Burn Time 52 hours
  • 4" Dimensions: 4"L x4"W x4.25" Burn Time 85 hours
  • 6" Dimensions: 3.25"L x3.25"W x6" Burn Time 100 hours
  • 8" Dimensions: 4"L x4"W x8" Burn Time 160 hours
  • 9" Dimensions: 3.25"L x.25"W x9" Burn Time 180 hours
  • Pear:  3"L x3"W x4.5" Burn Time 40 hours
  • Trunk Taper: 1.25"L x1.25"W x10" Burn Time 15 hours
  • Timber Taper Pair: .75"L x.75"W x12" Burn Time 15 Hours
  • Timber Taper Individual: .75"L x.75"W x12" Burn Time 15 Hours