Smiley Face Pickleball Paddle

SKU: 159074

Introducing the pickleball paddle that will make you smile :). This paddle is not only eye-catching with its bright yellow color and happy smiley face design, but it also packs a powerful punch on the court. The paddle is made with a lightweight but durable composite material, making it easy to maneuver while still providing plenty of power behind each hit.

The handle of the paddle is designed with a comfortable grip that will help you maintain control over your shots, even during intense games. Plus, the paddle's unique edge guard provides additional protection against accidental impacts and scratches.


  • L: 16.5" x W: 7.5"
  • Individual pickleball paddle
  • Carbon fiber and graphite blended surface for increased durability and strength
  • Honeycomb polymer center for maximum power and control
  • Extra long handle provides added grip space and improved handling for two handed backhands
  • Vegan leather PU grip adds comfort and stability for better shot control and accuracy