Royal Extract Dual Pour Soap Trio

SKU: 155534

Royal Extract Dual Pour Soaps are individually poured and infused with the Royal Extract Honey fragrance.  A unique double-layer cream and golden glycerin pour gently conditions and locks in moisture!  Rich, creamy and gentle. 

  • Dual Pour Soap infused with our Royal Extract scent, honey golden hue + cream
  • NOTES: creamy milk, sweet honey, apple blossoms, orange extracts, precious woods
  • Lathers up softly, cleanses gently.  Creamy formula offers over 40% moisturizers
  • Good for all skin types and gentle enough for the most sensitive skin
  • Unique honeycomb design especially stamped with Lady Primrose florals
  • Offered in a trio presentation, wrapped delicately with ribbon
  • 3 ounces each | quantity 3 | wrapped | Eco-friendly, bio-degradable, no animal testing