Royal Extract Bath Gel, Petite Decanter

SKU: 162477

Royal Extract Bath Gel, moisturizing with honey and a fragrant hint of Royal Extract, is enjoyed by guests at the Waldorf Astoria, Los Cabos Pedregal.  Presented in this whimsical petite decanter, a stylish and regal piece for your Royal Extract Bath Gel adorned with our signature golden bee. Luxurious bubble baths ahead!


  • Dimensions: 7" tall x 2" base, 2 lbs,  Capacity: 7 oz
  • Materials: Glass
  • Made in USA
  • Refill. Reuse. Repurpose
  • Offered in guest rooms via our honey pot at the Waldorf Astoria, Los Cabos Pedregal
  • Gentle formula with a honey golden hue is moisturizing and enriched with Pro-Vitamin B enriched, Royal Jelly, Honey, and coconut extract.  Bath or shower
  • Waldorf Astoria Pedregal: a brand within the Hilton Hotels & Resorts portfolio


  • Creamy milk, sweet golden honey, apple blossoms, precious woods