Rigaud Tournesol Candle

SKU: 162069

Inspired by bringing you a scent of vacation, exalting all the olfactory savors of summer. Radiant sunflower essence blends ravishingly with essence of blackcurrant, with its slightly fruity accents. Together, this scent walks the more hidden, less traveled paths. 


  • Dimensions: 230g - 90 hours
  • Clear glass vessels 
  • Wax is cooled very slowly and carefully to ensure a perfect fill
  • Candles are poured, prepared and packed by hand
  • Even the ribbons are hand placed and tied in the tradition of the great French luxury houses
  • Unique fragrances at a generous concentration of between 8 and 12 percent
  • When the candle is lit, our special soft wax becomes liquid, allowing the fragrance to flow freely into your home.
  • Because the wax remains liquid whilst the candle is lit, every drop of the wax is consumed with no wastage whatsoever
  • Hand made in France