Picnic Napkins - Walnut - Set of 4

SKU: 164459

Whether it be a "quick breakfast on the go" or for a memorable wedding, our linen table napkins transform the ordinary meal into a dining experience. Artfully folded or held tightly by a stylish ring, they make guests feel cared for and add an extra element of polish to any occasion.


  • Dimensions: 20" x 20" 
  • Set of four napkins
  • Materials: Woven of 100% Belgian linen
  • Easily care, and suitable for everyday use
  • Crafted in Jaipur, India, by fair trade artisans working in healthy, safe conditions


  • We recommend washing in cold water with regular detergent free of any bleach products
  • If stains are present on the linen napkins, they should be treated immediately using a linen stain remover
  • Avoid harsh solvents and bleaching products such as chlorine, peroxide or sodium carbonate
  • Cotton and linen napkins may be dried in a machine dryer
  • We suggest removing while they are still slightly damp, giving them a good shake and laying flat
  • If you prefer to iron, do so immediately after drying for the best result