Patchwork Monkey

SKU: 150997

 Wanderlust should be his middle name, seeing this toy monkey has lived everywhere you’d like to go, from Barcelona to the Gili Islands. To secure his company, you need to embrace his elastic sense of time and cheeky jokes (no problem for your kids!).
Assembled from an eclectic mix of colors and patterns, dressed in ribbed corduroy shorts and a band-aid-fixed knit top, this furry boho ape stands out from the stuffed toy crowd. He is also machine-washable, thank goodness. Colorful, cheerful, cheeky. This little monkey from the sigikid Patchwork Collection will win your heart. A great childhood companion, made to last.

 Size: 16.1" 

Age: 3-12 Years

 Material: Cotton, Polyester. Wadding: Polyester

 Care: Machine wash in cold cycle.