Olive Wood Mortar & Pestle

SKU: 163999

Fresh flavors reach new heights when you use our Olive Wood Mortar & Pestle for your culinary creations. Both gorgeous and uniquely useful, you'll never want to put this piece in the cupboard! Grind your favorite spices for the freshest taste, or craft your favorite marinades, dips, and sauces with organic originality.


  • Dimensions: 4" dia x 2.5" x 3.5". 4"
  • Carved from a single piece of wood to preserve uniqueness and longevity
  • Ultra-strong wood naturally oils itself over time, increasing beauty with age


  • Hand wash with warm water and mild detergent/liquid wash
  • Rinse with warm water
  • Never soak your wooden utensils in water to avert swelling and peeling
  • After washing, dry them immediately
  • Oiling is dependent on the frequency of use
  • The rate at which you use them will determine how often you need to oil them
  • Used frequently, oil once a week, seldom, oil once evert months
  • Frequently oiling will keep your utensils long lasting and shiny