Magnetic Car Transport

SKU: 160427

Load up and roll out! The Magnetic Car Transporter is ready to haul up to three CANDYCAR® vehicles eastbound, westbound, or toy chest-bound! 


  • Dimensions: 14.3" L x 1.8" W x 3.3" H (36.3cm L x 4.6cm W x 8.4cm H)
  • Packaging: 14.3" L x 2" W x 3.3" H (36.3cm L x 5cm W x 8.4cm H)
  • Weight: 10.4oz /195g
  • Solid Beech Wood, water-based paint and clear urethane coat
  • Three embedded magnets
  • Rubber smoke stacks. Metal fuel tanks
  • ABS plastic wheels


  • Safety tested according to US CPSIA and European, Australian and New Zealand regulations
  • Not for children under 3 years of age