Madras Nesting Bowls

SKU: 161760


With its eye-catching shapes and sleek design, the Madras Mango Wood Oval Dish is a true showstopper. Handcrafted from protected groves, each piece is uniquely infused with its own set of natural striations and subtle highlights.

DIMENSIONS: W11.50 X L11.50 X H1.75, W9.50 X L9.50 X H1.75, W7.50 X L7.50 X H1.75

MATERIALS: Imbued with a food-safe enamel coating. Sustainably sourced from protected groves in India. Ethically crafted in small batches.

CARE: Protect your bowl for many meals to come. Hand wash with mild soap and avoid harsh detergents or soaking.