Liberty Fabric Tunic - Pink Poppy Forest - M/L

SKU: 158671

 A loose-fitting longer length cotton tunic made with Liberty Tana Lawn, faced with a complementary fabric inside the neckline.The tunic is designed for casual wear; to be thrown on over a pair of jeans or used on the beach as a cover up. It can even be used a luxurious nightshirt. Light and breathable this is a perfect wardrobe staple.We took time designing the detailing we like that adds value - like french seams (not scratchy), long enough to cover the bum but not so long that you lose your legs, a flattering vent at the sides but not so high it can't be worn with low rise trousers. A 3/4 sleeve is cool in summer and allows it to be worn over a long-sleeved T.We have two sizes S/M & M/L which means everyone in our office can wear it from a size 8 to a size 18 UK. This makes it easy to stock without having to invest in all sizes, and the customer can take a chance to purchase it without having to try it on if they don't want to.100% cotton. Wash at 40 degrees C.