Leoni - Natural/Sapphire

SKU: 163499

Leoni makes a timeless statement with its wavy brim fedora silhouette constructed from signature wide braid raffia. We source the finest, sustainably harvested Madagascan raffia to create our signature raffia wide braid. Our artisans create long, continuous coils by gradually feeding new strands of raffia into the braid so there are no visible joins. Trimmed with a luxe herringbone ribbon, the Leoni hat features a hand rolled raffia tie to ensure the perfect fit with every wear. Leoni adds a contemporary touch to an iconic Helen Kaminski look. 


  • Raffia Wide Braid Fedora
  • UPF 50+100% Sustainable Harvested Raffia
  • 10cm Brim
  • Hand Rolled Raffia String for Size
  • Size Adjustable Inner Band
  • Italian Grosgrain Ribbon


  • Spot clean with a soft damp cloth
  • Simply trim any small flyaway fibres that may pop up over time
  • Do not wash
  • Do not bleach
  • Do not dry clean

Styles can be adjusted with either a hand rolled raffia string around the crown or inner band and tie. You can expect to reduce the size by 1 - 2cm*. Your hat size can be determined by wrapping a measuring tape around your head (over the central forehead area, just above your ears), mimicking the natural position of where a hat would sit. Raffia has a natural resin making it innately soft, supple and resilient; Unlike straw, raffia has longevity and won't crack or get brittle over time.