Gigi Collection Tourmaline Necklace on Cord - Pink & Green

SKU: 164137

Little treats that make you hungry! Hunger for sun, for shadows that draw decorations on the floors and walls, for warmth and uncovered shoulders. Summer hunger! As this year it has gone to the speed of a TGV, we are giving you some extra through these Gigi necklaces! 


  • Pink and green tourmaline necklace on wire separated by knots 
  • Jewelry by Johanne is made in France
  • Designed and assembled by hand in our workshop in Lyon
  • Length of the necklace: 50cm + 4.5cm of adjustment chain 
  • Semi-precious stones: tourmaline
  • All our jewelry is guaranteed for 6 months
  • The semi-precious stones we use are natural and therefore all different
  • Their appearance and color may vary slightly on each piece of jewelry


  • Dry cleaning