Cactus Flower Fern & Flamingo

SKU: 162948

Add a pop of color to your table with our enchanting Cactus Flower Fern & Flamingo cloth napkin set. This free-spirited beauty features a rosy pink and verdant green palette that effortlessly brings the vibrance of the spring and summer seasons to your table. 100% cotton and hand crafted with care, these cloth napkins are a perfect reflection of nature's beauty and will add color to any meal. 


  • Dimensions: 20" x 20" 
  • Set of 4 Napkins
  • Materials: 100% Cotton
  • Hand crafted by skilled artisans
  • Artisans carve intricate designs onto wooden blocks
  • Hand stamped onto fabric with vibrant dyes
  • Once stamped and washed, the fabric is hung to dry in the sun
  • Made in India


  • Machine wash cold
  • Tumble Dry Low