Autunno Mushroom Small Oval Platter

SKU: 159420

The unique shape and warm colors of the Autunno Mushroom Small Oval Platter evokes the wonder of Italy in the fall. Each piece is hands ponged, and the effect is a rich, crisp, and elegantly autumnal scene.


  • 13"L, 8.75"W
  • Terra Bianca - A white earthenware clay that is often used for handpainted designs as it provides the ideal canvas for storytelling, allowing colors to truly come to life


  • Dishwasher Safe - We recommend using a non-fragrant/non-citrus, non-abrasive detergent on the air dry cycle
  • Microwave Safe - The temperature of VIETRI pieces may vary after microwave use due to the handmade nature of quality, natural clays. Thus, as with all products used in a microwave, please use the following precautions:
  • Always use a pot holder or oven mitt when handling the product as item may get hot
  • Do not permit children to handle any product that has been heated in a microwave
  • Do not put any products into a microwave without food or liquid on or inside the piece
  • Allow item to cool before taking it out of the microwave