American Hardwood Maple Bowl - 17"

SKU: 163616

A Maple Serving Bowl made from American Maple out of a single piece of wood.  The interior of each bowl shows the rings of the tree to create a delicate and natural pattern.  The 17" bowl is a statement piece on a large farmhouse table or island, also large enough to serve a crowd.  


  • Dimensions: 17" Diameter
  • USA Made
  • Sustainably harvested Maple
  • Finished with our mineral oil and beeswax
  • Lifetime Warranty


  • Regular regimented care of this product will protect it for years to come
  • Handwash with warm, soapy water after each use and dry thoroughly with a towel
  • Never soak or submerge in water, run in a dishwasher, or use in a microwave
  • Apply JK Adams Mineral Oil and / or Beeswax Wood Conditioner once a week, with a lint free cloth
  • Wood Type: Maple is a forgiving hardwood
  • Grain variation is to be expected
  • It is recommended to use our conditioners at any time the product feels dry