Good Mornings

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For Deborah Kaloper, a healthy and nourishing morning meal is incredibly important. 

Her latest cookbook, Good Mornings, is a simple collection of recipes which aim to keep everyone happy, well-fuelled and satisfied throughout the morning.

Good Mornings is about making delicious breakfast meals for yourself, your family and your friends that will keep everyone happy, well-fueled and satisfied throughout the morning,’ says Deborah.

The focus is on nourishing, energy-giving recipes, where eating nutrient-dense ingredients, such as vibrant seasonal fruits and vegetables, dark leafy greens unprocessed grains, nuts and seeds and healthy proteins and good fats, is key.

The book includes a selection of 50 recipes: with vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, dairy-free and refined-sugar-free options included.

‘This is not a diet book or jumping on a trend, it is simply a collection of recipes that will have you adding loads of fruits and veggies into your everyday breakfasts and weekend brunches – which is what I call a ‘good morning’.