Andrew Pearce Premium Wood Oil

SKU: 20146

Care for the things that you care about!

One bottle is 8 fluid oz.

To preserve the beauty of your Andrew Pearce wood product, it's a good idea to periodically recondition the wood with Andrew Pearce Refined Walnut Wood Oil. This premium, non-toxic, food-safe wood oil, and allergen-free walnut oil helps maintain the natural beauty and integrity of your cherished wood items.

You will know when it's a good time to recondition wood based on how it feels and by its visual appearance. If it feels and/or looks dry, then liberally wipe on Andrew Pearce Walnut Wood Oil with a soft, lint-free cloth. The more you wash your wooden bowl or bowl, the more often you will want to recondition it.

This specially formulated walnut oil is high in linoleic acid and is heat-treated to make it oxidize faster. It penetrates deep into the wood grain and then hardens, giving you a longer-lasting finish that will not evaporate like mineral oil finishes. Walnut oil hardens into a food-safe, satin finish for bowls, butcher blocks, utensils, and other wood products. It's a slow drying oil that will cure faster in a warmer environment, and room temperature is typically best. Don't use vegetable oils to recondition your wood product as they contain ingredients that may create a culture in which bacteria can grow.