Notch Collar Coat - Seal

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KINROSS is the premier brand of Dawson Forte Cashmere. Our story began 20 years ago under the umbrella of a world renowned cashmere company headquartered in Kinross, Scotland. Today, we remain a nimble team, having established a standalone US company with offices in the Boston area, New York, and Shanghai. From goat to garment, we carry with us the knowledge and experience accumulated over years spent in every aspect of a global cashmere business. We are respected in the industry for our premium quality, exceptional customer service, and strong social and environmental conscience. KINROSS is the ultimate expression of these company values.


  • Fabric: 100% Cashmere
  • Hand made garments
  • Fibers are spun, dyed and knit into garments in customized mills
  • Hand-combed from the finest downy fleece of the cashmere goat 


  • Gently Hand Wash or Dry Clean