Sprigs of the Season Delphine Nightgown

SKU: 158215

Create heartwarming moments of togetherness with our classic holly print flannel pajamas that are ideal for coordinating with the entire family. The delicate sprigs of holly, with their vibrant red berries and lush green leaves, will add a touch of holiday magic to family celebrations.  The flannel Delphine Nightgown whispers of yesteryear with its sweet tie accent on the chest and angelic bell sleeves.  The sleepwear is made from the finest quality yarn-dyed cotton and blended with just enough inherently flame retardant fiber to allow it to pass strict CPSC flame retardant laws without using harmful chemicals. The fabric is brushed for added softness, making the sleepwear feel absolutely luxurious, getting cozier after each wash.In our luxurious sleepwear, your little one will be tucked in love and off to dreamland. Bonne nuit.


  • Materials: Yard-dyed cotton
  • Brushed fabric for added softness


  • Machine wash cold with like colors
  • Machine dry without heat